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Posted On: 2nd Nov 2018

Road Safety Awareness

Ferhaz Alam
His group have created an in-car air freshener
They want it to be a constant reminder to drive safely

Ferhaz Alam only recently got his driver’s license, but he already knows the damage reckless driving can cause.


Inspired by events in his Bradford community, the aspiring clinical practitioner has teamed up with Fixers to create an air freshener to promote the importance of driving safely.


‘Before we started the project, in my local community, there were a lot of dangerous car accidents, involving a lot of young lads that went to school with my friends,’ the 20 year-old explains. ‘There was one massive crash, where four young men died, and there were a few near misses with friends ending up in critical conditions in the hospital.


‘Hearing about accidents like that, it just opens your eyes and makes you think.’


Statistics from the Department of Transport show there were 1,793 road deaths in 2017, which averages out at five deaths a day. Combined with injury statistics, the total number of casualties for 2017 rises to 170,993. 





 Ferhaz and his friends decided to take action against the statistics and designed an in-car air freshener with the words ‘one second, one life.’ 


‘An air freshener is going to be there all the time even when the smell is gone,’ he explained. ‘It’s always in your face, in your view when you’re driving, and if it stands out, a lot of people look at it. The message is to be cautious, because that one second of putting your foot down can take someone’s life.’


Going forward, the group want to spread the message in as many places as possible.


‘We’re going to be visiting schools and going to local car washes and giving them out there; just really going about and handing them out ourselves.


‘We’re targeting all drivers: always drive safely, because you never know what the consequences are going to be.’


This project was supported by the Road Safety Trust.





Author: Matthew Mills


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