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Posted On: 23rd Oct 2018

Dangers of Online Casting

Abbie Samuel
She wants young actors to stay safe when replying to online casting adverts
Abbie is urging them to recognise potential red flags throughout the casting process

Actress Abbie Samuel is no stranger to the process of online casting and is warning fellow thespians to make sure adverts are legitimate.


The 25 year old from London has teamed up with Fixers and two other actresses to create a film highlighting the dangers of online casting, to promote safety when auditioning.


‘For myself, I haven’t had anything happen in person but I’ve applied for castings it could be something like ‘we need a female actress that’s 16-99’, no further details, no further descriptions’ she explains.


‘When you do get further details they contact you again with things like ‘the casting’s going to be in a hotel’, or ‘we need someone to do intimate scenes’ and stuff like that, so it’s quite daunting and people just need to be wary.’


While she wants to encourage people to be individually responsible, she says casting websites do not do enough to ensure the adverts they promote come from reputable sources.





Abbie wants her project to bring about far-reaching change in terms of how casting calls are moderated.


‘I think it would be good to work with casting websites to try and find ways to make people aware of these things and try and find ways to make people safer,’ she explains.


‘If something does happen to you, who do you report it to? Who are you supposed to tell and who’s actually going to do something about it?’


She also hopes her video will resonate with her target audience and start a conversation about the dangers that young actors and actresses face.


‘In terms of staying safe, just knowing what types of things are dodgy is important, so if someone says there’s a casting in a hotel or if the address doesn’t look right, even if it’s just the name of a road, I think those are things you have to be aware of.’


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Matthew Mills


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