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Posted On: 21st Jun 2018

Music Saved My Life

Music Saved My Life
Music Saved My Life
Music Saved My Life

'After I overdosed on cocaine, I collapsed in the street. I wasn’t breathing. I almost died.'


For 23 year old Danny Waters from Margate, it was a wake-up call. And it was the paramedics who attended him that made it.


'They told me they’d been called out to a girl the other day. It was the first time she had taken coke and she did too much and she died. They asked me how I thought her parents felt and how my kids would feel if the same thing happened to me.'


When Danny was on drugs, he was barred from seeing his son, who is now nearly seven years old.


'My biggest kick up the arse was wanting to see my son again,” he says. “And by then I had a little daughter on the way too.'


Danny is now allowed to see both his children but he says kicking the drug habit hasn’t been easy: 'I’m still struggling with depression and anxiety but I am not going near drugs again. I’ve been sober for seven months.'


It was music that helped Danny in his darkest days.


'Apart from my kids, it’s the biggest thing in my life,” he explains. “Writing and performing music is on my mind 24/7.'



Now Danny is using his talents to help get the message across that drugs are a bad idea. With the help of Fixers he has made a music video where he raps about his own experience. He’s planning to perform at schools and colleges in Kent.


'As a kid at school we had people coming in telling us not to get into drugs but they never really convinced me and I still went on and did them,' he said.


'Someone like me, a person who did drugs and almost killed myself, I reckon I could spread a better message than anything I got told when I was young.'


'I want people to know they are not alone. There are other people just like them. There are counsellors out there to listen to you and try to help.


'And remember – when you are at your lowest, the only way you can go is up!'


This project was supported by the Balcombe Trust.


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Author: Paul Larsmon


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