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Posted On: 5th Feb 2018

Understand Our Religion

Bilal and his team are tackling Islamophobia
Abid wants people to be seen as equal
Ajmal Hussain from the University of Manchester supports the campaign

'Once I was walking through town and there was a right-wing protest going on. I was called some abusive words and people said things like, "Get out of our country, you’re a terrorist."' 


A young man from Rochdale is working with Fixers to combat Islamophobia.  


Bilal Khan, 17, and fellow Fixer Abid Rahman, 18, hope that their campaign will improve understanding of their religion. 


'We are trying to show people what Islam actually teaches and that it's not anything negative,' adds Bilal.  


They told their story on ITV Granada Reports. 


Islamophobia is a severe dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims.


Bilal and his team have also made a documentary with the aim of promoting more tolerance. 


You can view it here. 


'The core thing about our religion is peace. It teaches us to love one another,' says Bilal. 


'However if a Muslim committed a crime, he would be seen as a terrorist. But if it was a white person, for example, people would say it was a mental issue or something like that.' 


Abid adds: 'We are not a part of ISIS or other groups. It’s like they are trying to use our religion to turn people against us. The Koran doesn't teach us stuff like that.' 



Ajmal Hussain, a Research Fellow in Sociology from the University of Manchester, supports the campaign. 


He says: 'The trend we’ve seen is a rise in incidences of Islamophobia and hate crime expressed in various different ways.


'It tends to spike after there has been some sort of event which raises the profile of Muslims.


'A terror-related attack might occur at any moment and then all of a sudden young Muslims are expected to apologise or to explain it, when actually they feel just as upset and hurt and shocked about it themselves.' 


Abid says: 'We want everyone to see each other as one and for us all to be united.' 


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Molly Kersey


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