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Posted On: 1st Dec 2017

Moving Made Easier

Fixer Jack Roberts
Fixers involved in the project
The group have produced a booklet to help others with similar experiences

For Jack Roberts, starting afresh has become a normal thing. Due to his father’s commitments with the armed forces his family was always on the move, but making friends and constantly being the new kid at school comes with its own challenges.


The 16-year-old from Haverfordwest, Wales, has made a booklet with Fixers to help other young people deal with the disruptions that can come when moving home.


‘I’ve moved more than a handful of times,' he says. 'We've lived everywhere from Pembrokeshire to Yorkshire.


‘It can be extremely daunting because you have no knowledge of the area and no friends to interact with.


‘Every time I moved I lost friends, which can eat into your emotional state going from somewhere you’re comfortable with, people you care for to the polar opposite. It’s quite disorientating. Also education boards are different so adapting to them can be tough.’ 


The booklet, which Jack created along with fellow Fixers who have similar experiences of moving home, offers tips to young people on how to cope with the change. 



Click below to see the booklet.



‘I’m very happy with it, it’s a great product,' he adds.


‘I feel that the campaign focusses on change and how it can affect people in any situation, be it moving house with the military or moving to university.


‘We have moved around a lot and had to adapt with little support which has had a huge impact on our lives.


‘Our aim is to help young people who move home to transition with fewer issues we had.’


Jack is currently studying an enhanced level 3 diploma in mechanical engineering at college.


He hopes to share the booklet with other military families, the Ministry of Defence and in local schools.


'Working with the Fixers team has been excellent,' says Jack.


‘I feel it will definitely help people going through change themselves to get through it a little better.’


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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