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Posted On: 22nd Aug 2017

Tackling Teen Stress

Bethan is helping young people to cope better with stress
The booklet offers young people places of support if they're feeling under pressure
Bethan is using #bemoresloth to encourage more people to get involved with the campaign

It’s that time of year that many students dread - exam results season.


As thousands discover their grades, a young woman from Llandrindod Wells, Powys, is encouraging teens to stop bottling up their emotions. 


Sixteen-year-old Bethan Workman - who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and anxiety - has teamed up with Fixers to produce a booklet tackling teen stress.


Click below to see it.


‘I was diagnosed about three months ago,’ she says. ‘It was just an accumulation of everything, but school was a big factor.


‘There were often times when I would try and revise for exams, but other worries would be on my mind.


‘To be faced with something like exams - which can affect the rest of your life - puts a lot of pressure on young people.’


Bethan is also a carer for her mum who has Fibromyalgia and says she often found it difficult to talk to anyone about her anxiety because she didn’t want to cause added worry for her family.


‘It was difficult to open up because I didn’t think my issues were as important. I felt angry at myself that I couldn’t get my emotions out,' she adds.


‘Also, with my mum being unable to work, I felt like her hopes were focused on me doing well and being successful, which was an added stress because I didn't want to let her down.’


Bethan's booklet, which she intends to share in schools and youth centres, includes real life accounts from her friends who have dealt with stress at different times in their lives.


It uses a sloth to illustrate how living life at your own pace can be the best approach. 




She says: ‘It’s been a really eye-opening experience. As well as creating something I’m really proud of, doing the project has also allowed me to process what I’ve been through.


‘I wish I’d have had a resource like this when I was feeling low.


‘Hopefully, people who read the booklet will take inspiration from the stories in there and understand that there is nothing abnormal about what they’re feeling. There is help out there.


'And when it comes to exam results, what's written on a piece of paper doesn't define who you are.'


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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