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Posted On: 20th Jun 2017

Young Carers' Skills

Robbie says being a young carer provides you with important life skills
Robbie (left) and his group of young carers created postcards with Fixers
Robbie wants to share his postcards with potential employers

A group of young carers want to show that their roles provide them with important life skills including money management and an ability to handle stressful situations.


Robbie McCormick and his team from Falkirk have created postcards with Fixers, which they hope to share with potential employers and people working in the higher education sector.


‘We are proud to be young carers and want to show how our life skills can also be used in a professional environment,’ he says.


‘We felt like postcards were the fastest way to get our message across.  


‘You can take them to job interviews and into colleges and show how challenging a young caring role can be and the skills you gain from trying to fit your life around it.’  


19-year-old Robbie has been helping to care for his younger brother Cameron – who has asthma and needs to take daily medication and use inhalers – since he was around six.  


‘As young carers, we have to be responsible,’ he says.


‘I help my mum look after my brother and there are times when I need to go and do the food shopping – my mum gives me a list and I need to make sure I budget and don’t overspend and come back with change,’ he says.


‘I help get Cameron up in the morning and get him ready for school, help him with his homework and take him out places, so it’s taught me about time management.’




Robbie, who works as a sales assistant and plans to study a HND in graphic design in the future, says: ‘I spoke to my employer about being a young carer and how it’s helped me mature a bit faster than other people my age.


‘When I’m on the tills I use the money management skills I’ve learned, and I’m always on time for work.’


The group, who all attend the Falkirk and Clackmannanshire Young Carers group, are keen to show the benefits to their caring roles.


‘You gain so many skills that can help you achieve other things. It’s been great to come together and make these postcards to get our message out there.’


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Author: Molly Kersey


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