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Posted On: 3rd Apr 2017

Supporting Premature Parents

Amy wants more support for the parents of premature babies
Amy's son Jacob was born three months premature
Early years consultant Julie Morgan supports Amy's campaign

'The doctors and nurses were absolutely brilliant medically with Jacob. But for me, the support wasn’t there. I feel like parents' feelings need to be recognised as well.' 


Amy Blockwell’s baby boy was born three months premature. For many weeks it was touch and go that Jacob would survive.


It put tremendous pressure on Amy, who was 19 at the time, and she was diagnosed with post-natal depression.


As medical staff worked hard to keep Jacob alive, Amy struggled to be the mum she wanted to be. It was worse when she got home, even though she had strong support from her family.


'When you go home I think something should be set up - a support group, anything, just to ask how you are feeling, so you can feel normal about your situation and not be judged,' she says. 


Now, with Fixers, Amy from Milford Haven has created a booklet for parents with unwell or premature babies.


She says: 'I put information in there about how they might be feeling because I know how I felt at that particular moment. I have spoken to other mums who felt exactly the same, and I want them to know that it’s not embarrassing or a bad thing to talk about it.' 


Click on the image below to view the Fixers booklet. 




The charity also arranged for her to tell her story on ITV News Wales on April 7. 


Amy spoke to early years consultant Julie Morgan and asked her when is the most important time to seek support.


Julie says: 'When you go home that’s when it really hits you. You’ve got this little baby that’s quite fragile and you think 'what am I supposed to do?'


'So if you could share this experience with other mothers, you’ll know you are not on your own. I think your booklet will be really helpful.' 


Jacob is now a healthy young boy who’s just beginning to walk.


Amy says: 'I know what it’s like to be so low that you can’t be a mum, and I know dads feel the same.


'I want people to pick this resource up and read it so they can know they’re not on their own and they can get support if they need it.' 


This project has been supported by Comic Relief


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Paul Larsmon


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