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Posted On: 6th Mar 2017

See Me As Work-Able

Jasmine Rankin wants prospective employers to give people with disabilities a chance
Jasmine now has a full-time job and wants others to have the same opportunity
The boss of Compass Disability Services, Richard Pitman, supports Jasmine's campaign

'I sent out three job applications saying I was disabled, and three not mentioning my disability.


'All of the jobs wanted the same skills but the responses were very different.


‘I heard nothing from the companies I informed of my disability, but the ones I didn’t inform, all offered me interviews.’


Jasmine Rankin has spinal muscular atrophy which means her muscles have deteriorated, so she uses a wheelchair to get around.


The 22-year-old, who is from Taunton, Somerset, says: ‘I was half-expecting the response I got from companies.


‘But I was still disappointed. I wanted them to take me seriously and see my abilities.’


Fixers has been helping Jasmine get her message across to prospective employers that they should see past the wheelchair – or any other disability – and look at the individual.


Her story was broadcast on ITV News West Country and ITV News West.



Jasmine values the independent life that she leads; she has her own flat, drives her own car and has a busy social life with her friends.


And being gainfully employed is also important to her. Before she eventually secured a full-time job in an office, she describes how low she felt.


She says: ‘I went through a period of my life where I wasn’t working - I was a wreck. I was depressed and had no motivation to do anything.’


Jasmine hopes her campaign with Fixers will encourage employers to see disabled people in a different light.


She says: ‘My main message to employers would be – just give us a chance. See the abilities that we have rather than the disability.’


Richard Pitman, chief executive of Compass Disability Services, says many employers have misconceptions about disabled people.


He says: ‘They always think there’s going to be a huge amount of cost employing a disabled person, when there is plenty of support available.


‘They believe they’re always going to be off ill, which is not the case.  


‘I think it’s great to have positive stories like Jasmine’s that change those attitudes.’


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Author: Paul Larsmon


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