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Posted On: 26th Sep 2016

Private Parts

The book invites children to colour in their 'private parts'
Children should tell an adult if someone has upset them

A woman who was sexually abused when she was 11 wants to teach children to tell an adult if they are being inappropriately touched.


Catherine, whose real name has not been used, was inspired to take action nine years later when she became a mother.


Now 22, Catherine has made a colouring book with Fixers which is designed to teach children about their ‘private parts’.


The information in the book follows the NSPCC’s ‘Underwear Rule’, a simple guide to keep children safe from abuse.


Catherine, who is from Southampton, says:  ‘I have a son now and he is 18 months old. I can’t bear to think of him going through what I did.


‘Although he is too young to understand, at some point I will have to have a conversation with him about where boundaries lie.


‘It’s a difficult conversation to have with a child but when I heard about the ‘Underwear Rule’, I realised that it didn’t need to be as awkward as I’d thought – there’s no need to talk about sex or bad people.’


The book teaches children that their ‘private parts’ belong to them and that no-one else should see or touch them.


Occasionally, a doctor or parent might need to, but they should always explain why, and ask if it’s okay.


Click on the booklet below to view.




The book also teaches children who they should speak to if someone asks to see or touch them and it makes them feel uncomfortable.


Catherine, who hopes the book will be used in libraries, doctor’s surgeries and schools, says: ‘At the time, I didn’t know who to speak to.


‘If I had, then it could have been stopped and the perpetrator could have been jailed.


‘Children who are abused are also told that it's normal, or that it’s a way of showing them that the abuser cares.


‘They’re often told that “it’s a secret”, so they can’t tell anyone.


‘This book is designed to make children aware that they have the right to say ‘no’, and that if anything happens that makes them feel upset, they should talk to someone they trust.’


This project is supported by Barker-Mill Estates.


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