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Posted On: 6th May 2016

Redefining Gender Roles

Gemima is campaigning against gender stereotyping in the workplace
Gemima is training to be a mechanic
Gemima says she doesn't mind being the only woman on her course

A female car mechanic is leading the drive against gender stereotyping in the workplace by challenging the belief that some jobs are reserved for men or women.


Trainee Gemima Christodoulou-Peace, from Ipswich, Suffolk, is concerned that young people are put off certain career paths because of the stereotypes associated with some professions.


The 18-year-old hopes her Fixers campaign will inspire others to pursue what they enjoy and not be influenced by society’s expectations of them.


Gemima, who is studying Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair at Suffolk One college, says: ‘I’m the only woman on my course, and that was quite daunting initially.


‘I’ve had comments like “how will you lift things?” but generally everyone’s been quite supportive.


‘As a kid I would always take things apart and put them together, so working on cars is something that really appeals to me.


‘There is nothing stopping anybody from doing what they love. Gender shouldn’t be an issue.’


Gemima explains gender stereotyping can pigeonhole the sexes.


She says: ‘Men are generally seen as being strong and suited to more hands on professions, whereas women are supposed to be gentle and use their brains.


'These stereotypes can be dangerous and limit a person’s potential from an early age.’


With Fixers, Gemima has produced a film which encourages people to ignore employment stereotypes and do what's right for them.


She plans to show it in schools and colleges to educate students about  employment and further study opportunities.


Watch the film at the top of this page.



Gemima says: ‘It’s important people don’t feel as though they can’t do something.


‘I’m still a girly girl and enjoy the same things I always have. I just so happen to love what I do. My choice of career doesn’t define who I am.


‘It doesn’t matter what gender you are, if you have a passion for something, get out there and go for it.’


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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