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Posted On: 8th Apr 2016

Young Mum Stereotypes

Jenna Imrie says she was ordered off a bus when her baby started crying
A scene from the Fixers film showing a dramatisation of young mum facing prejudice
A scene from the film showing a young mum bonding with her baby

A young mum from Edinburgh has told of the shocking moment another passenger ordered her off the bus - because her baby was crying.


Jenna Imrie, who had a baby when she was 20, was on the bus when her daughter began crying.


Shockingly another passenger told her to be quiet or get off the bus.


She says: ‘She was making a bit of noise on the bus and a man behind me said “shut it up” and insisted I got off.  


‘It was horrible and I felt like I was being judged by every passenger.


‘Unfortunately this is just one of many experiences when I feel I’ve faced prejudice as a young mum.’


Now 24, Jenna is working with Fixers to encourage greater respect for young mothers.


She says: ‘I would do anything for my daughter as I’m sure any mother would. Being young doesn’t make us incapable of looking after a child. We‘re just as dedicated as anyone else.’


With Fixers, Jenna and a team of young people have produced a film which follows a day in the life of Sophie- a young parent who has experienced prejudice in her community.


Watch the film at the top of this page.



She says: ‘Young mums are not bad mums. That’s the message we hope people will take away from it.’


Jenna wants to share the film with local schools, youth groups and health professionals.


She says:‘Being a mum can be hard enough without people casting negative assumptions.


‘Hopefully our campaign will make individuals think twice and realise that young mothers are not that bad.’


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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