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Posted On: 30th Mar 2016

Smoking Dangers

Louise Morris wants to warn teenagers of the dangers of smoking

A young woman is warning school children about the dangers of smoking, after being shocked by her own research, and feeling ill because of 'second hand' effects when her parents smoke at home. 


Louise Morris, 17, from Blackwood, South Wales, says that she and her friends became concerned as they studied a health and social care course.


During research, they were surprised at how many chemicals were in cigarettes and felt that, if young people knew what they were putting into their bodies, they might think differently about smoking.


‘Personally I hate smoking and I've grown up with two parents that smoke and I cannot stand the smell of it,' says Louise.


She feels that young people can take up smoking because of a range of reasons, such as peer pressure in school, the stress of family problems at home, or curiosity and experimentation.


Louise and five fellow students - Rebecca Parnell, Meg Howell, Nikita Thomas, Bethan Bintcliffe and Megan Jones - have produced a short film with Fixers to show the dark side of smoking.


Called Precious Time, the film features a single cigarette burning down, and is narrated with a sinister message about how smoking shortens your life.


Watch the film at the top of this page.


‘I think me and the girls, as a group chose smoking since we are all non-smokers and agreed it was an issue that should be taken more seriously’


‘Our main aim of the project was to stop or prevent young adults taking up smoking because it has very little benefit and we, as a group, wanted that to be expressed to show that all smoking does is makes the body depend on cigarettes ... that cause ill health and other future health problems.’



Louise says: ‘I think young children in primary schools from years 5 & 6 into secondary school should be educated on the dangers of smoking.


‘We understand that a lot of young people start smoking because of peer pressure or as a way to relieve stress and we want to say that it’s actually not cool to smoke.’


Louise and the group plan to share the film on social media to spread their message. She says: ‘We want to use the shock factor to really get our message across and hopefully save someone’s life by educating them ... as we felt we didn’t know enough about it, until we started doing some research.’


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.



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Author: Julie Buck


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