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Posted On: 14th Mar 2016

Dangerous Game

Actor playing Jacque
Scene from film
A scene from the Fixers film

A schoolboy who was nearly sent to prison after he was involved in a mugging has produced a film with Fixers urging youngsters not to get involved in crime.


Jacque, who does not want his surname to be used, was just 16 at the time.


He says: ‘After I was arrested, I spent 23 hours alone in a cell. I was told I could be facing a prison sentence, and the thought terrified me.


‘I just wanted to finish my GCSEs and go to college. But the worst was yet to come.


‘Speaking to my mum was horrible. She was so upset, and it suddenly hit my how much I’d let her down. At that point, I decided to turn my life around.’


Jacque, who is now 18, wants to warn others not to go down the path he did.


He says: ‘I started stealing because most of my friends were doing it and it seemed cool at the time.


‘It started with chocolate bars but I ended up taking more valuable items such as cheese and coffee which I’d sell to the kids at school. I’d then use the money to buy cannabis.


‘I have been involved in situations where I have seen petty theft get out of control quickly when a knife has been pulled in the heat of the moment.


'I want people to know crime, even petty crime, can escalate quickly into violence and I don’t want others to end up going down this path.’ 



Jacque, from Southampton, was given an 18 month probation order.


He says: ‘I was relieved not to have been sent to prison but I was completely ashamed of myself.


‘I realised I would turn my life around when I was in the police cell because I knew then that I wanted to live and enjoy my life rather than spend all my time looking at four walls.’


Jacque, who works as an administrator at a construction site, says there’s no better feeling than an honest day’s work.


He says:  ‘Honest money is so much better than money that isn’t yours.


‘Don’t even consider breaking the law for cash because if you are caught you will stop hundreds of other great possibilities being available to you.’


He adds: ‘I hope that at least one person who is involved in crime listens to my campaign and takes something from it.


‘They should realise that the road they are doing down isn’t getting them anywhere.’


This Fixers project is supported by Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner.


To find other resources on this topic, and watch more Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Cara Laithwaite


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