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Posted On: 8th Feb 2016

Healthy Mind and Body

Fixer Lilian Fawcett
Poster image
Poster image

Healthy living isn’t just about getting your five a day and watching your weight, according to a group of young people from Bristol.


With Fixers, Lilian Fawcett and her team want to draw attention to other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as spending less time online, or doing more good deeds for other people.


The 18-year-old maintains it’s important to have both a healthy body – and a healthy mind.


She says:  ‘I've realised that both mental and physical wellbeing are very much interconnected and you can't be truly healthy unless both mind and body are healthy.


‘We know we should eat wholesome food and get plenty of rest to maintain a healthy body.


‘When I was learning about health at school, I heard the same lines everyone has heard before - eat healthily and get plenty of sleep. 



‘There wasn’t much of a focus on looking after mental health or indeed how.


‘Looking after your mind is equally important.’


With Fixers, Lilian and her team created a series of five posters that highlight ways to care for body and mind.


Click on the image below to view the full series of posters.



The group plans to distribute them in schools and colleges around Bristol and South Gloucester.


One poster features the message: ‘Doing Good Feels Good'.


Lilian says: ‘It’s a simple message that explains what to do and how you can benefit in just four words.


‘Helping others and being kind, drastically improves my mood.


‘I hope others will benefit in the same way.’



Author: Meraid Griffin


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