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Posted On: 4th Feb 2016

What's my Sexuality?

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Do you feel romantic attraction?

Most of us remember our first teenage crush. But one youngster from Newcastle has told Fixers how she has never felt that ‘romantic spark’.


Bella, whose real name has not been used, says her lack of attraction to others left her feeling confused and uncomfortable – until she discovered there were others like her.


The 16-year-old now describes herself as aromantic and asexual after coming across a blog describing the different sexual orientations.


She says: ‘When I was a kid, the teacher got everyone to make hearts to give to people we liked on Valentine’s Day.


‘My best friend gave hers to a boy she fancied while I gave mine to her.


‘I couldn't see a difference between platonic or romantic friendship.’


Bella explains how this feeling continued into her teenage years.


She says: ‘I've dated boys and girls before and neither did anything for me.



‘I don’t understand what this ‘romantic spark’ is and I’ve never had a passionate kiss.


‘Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have romantic feelings, but I just can't bring myself to do anything beyond hugging, because it's extremely uncomfortable for me.


‘I thought my feelings were normal and that I just hadn’t found the right person yet.’


But when Bella found the term ‘aromanticism’ on a Tumblr blog, she discovered she was not alone.


She says: ‘Everything clicked; the definition just made sense.


‘After that, I wanted to make it easier for others to discover their sexual/romantic orientation.’


So with Fixers, Bella created a poster that helps people navigate a path to discover where they fit on the sexuality spectrum.


Click on the image below to view Bella's poster.




Bella, who plans to display her poster in medical centres and therapists’ studios, says: ‘Everyone’s sexuality is different, and it’s not necessarily as simple as ‘gay’ or ‘straight’.


‘Sexuality is confusing. It’s okay to not be sure. Being young is a time of figuring out what works for you; and strong feelings and exploration are often a part of that.’


Author: Meraid Griffin


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