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Posted On: 18th Nov 2015

Dear Dad

A scene from the Fixers film
In the film, 'Emily' shares childhood memories
'Emily' is seen writing a letter to her dad in the Fixers film

A teenager from Birmingham, who had little contact with her dad while she was growing up, wants to show other young people from single parent families that they’re not alone.

Nineteen-year-old ‘Emily’, whose real name has not been used, says her father’s absence had a big impact on her. She now hopes to help others realise there are people they can turn to.

‘It’s been very hard growing up without a father figure and it still is,’ explains Emily.

‘I felt rejected and unloved and I want to help others who are struggling with these feelings.

‘They say that a father is supposed to be a girl’s first love, but I lacked that and so I started looking for reassurance in all the wrong places.

‘I look up to different people in my life now – other family members and friends.

‘You can talk to anyone who you can trust and confide in.’



With Fixers, Emily has helped create a film to explain how she felt growing up without a father.

In the film, she writes a letter to her dad, drawing attention to the important events in her life that he’s missed.

She also appeals directly to other fatherless daughters, telling them they’re worthy, beautiful, loved, appreciated and special.

Watch the film ‘Dear Dad’ at the top of this page.

‘The film is aimed at girls aged between 11 and 16,' Emily says.

‘However, I would like everyone to see it.’

Emily hopes her film will encourage children, who are growing up without a parent, to find different role models and look forward to a positive future.

‘I want people to feel reassured and know that there are others experiencing the same thing,’ she adds.

‘They are not alone and if they want to talk, they can do.’


This Fixers project is supported by the Youth Social Action Fund (YSAF).


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Author: Cara Laithwaite


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