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Posted On: 3rd Nov 2015

Care For Carers Fix On ITV

Fixer Beth Dodgson
Beth in the broadcast film
Anthony Lea, Young Carers Support Worker

‘I’ve spent my whole life looking after my mum and my brother. I‘m happy to do that because they’re my family and I love them, but it’s important to ask for help if you need it. Sometimes the burden can be too much for a young carer to handle.’

Beth Dodgson knows what it’s like to look after a loved one and is showing other young carers that it’s okay to ask for support if they need it.

The 22-year-old from Gateshead wants to make sure that others like her remember to take care of their own health and seek help if they’re struggling to cope.

Her story was broadcast on ITV News Tyne Tees on Thursday 5th November.

‘My mum is diabetic and suffers from epilepsy and my brother has both physical and mental disabilities,’ explains Beth.

'The first time I’d have been classed as a carer was when I was between two and three-years-old.

'I saved my mum's life.

'She was having a seizure and I somehow managed to get hold of a phone and contact my grandparents.

‘My life consists of helping with the shopping, making sure the house is clean and knowing which days people have hospital appointments – that’s as well as work and university.’

In the TV piece, Beth shows a film she’s produced, with the help of Fixers, to a group of young carers.

Watch the Fixers film, 'Fragile Heart', by clicking play below.




Anthony Lea, Young Carers Support Worker for the Carers Trust, features in the broadcast in support of Beth’s campaign.

‘We're currently supporting over 600 young and adult carers in Gateshead, but we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg,' he says.

‘I'm hoping Beth's film will encourage these individuals to, at the very least, start speaking to their GPs, because people don't ask the carer how they are doing very often.’

Bethany adds: ‘Earlier this year I burnt my foot really badly. Everything got on top of us and I wasn’t fully taking care of myself.

‘I was able to ask for help, which was hard to admit.

‘Sometimes the struggle is too much.’


To find resources on this topic, and watch more Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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