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Posted On: 12th Nov 2015

Ignoring The Insults

Fixer Ffion Murray
A sample of the Fixers wordsearch
The message on the Fixers poster

Ffion Murray from Cardiff knows that words can hurt and now wants to inspire others, who have experienced bullying, to remain positive.

The seventeen-year-old and her team are appealing to those affected at school, at home or in the workplace, not to let a bully’s insults affect their self-confidence.

‘I have been a victim of bullying myself all through school,’ explains Ffion.

‘It can affect people in many different ways. It can cause someone to have serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

‘It can make you self-conscious and it can affect you through to adulthood.

‘Bullying can occur in the workplace or even at home with family members, and those who are victims should not let other people’s words define who they are.

‘If you can put your efforts in to being positive instead of being upset, it will make all the difference.’





With Fixers, Ffion and her team have helped create a poster that features a clever word search.

It shows negative words highlighted in bold, but encourages those who see it to look closer to discover the compliments among the insults.

A message underneath urges people to seek out the positives in any situation.

To enlarge the group’s Fixers poster, click on the image below.


wordsearch yo



‘The finished poster looks really good and the message is strong,’ says Ffion.

‘It’s effective because it’s a different way of raising awareness.

‘I hope it will help people realise that words do hurt and that they should think before they speak.’

The group want to display their poster in schools, colleges and workplaces.

Ffion adds: ‘Never let people’s words define you.

‘You are never alone, even if you feel like you are.

‘Talk to someone you trust and try to be as positive as you can.’

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Author: Cara Laithwaite


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