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Posted On: 29th Oct 2015

Learning The Difficulties

Chantelle Stockman
Animated version of Chantelle in Fixers film
The Fixers film talks about Albert Einstein having a learning disability

Chantelle Stockman is campaigning for better understanding of young people with learning difficulties, after herself feeling marginalised at school.


The 19-year-old from Reading says she often felt misunderstood by teachers and students.


‘At school, nobody really knew how it affected me. Some young people would tease me because I never understood the work in class,' explains Chantelle.


‘I remember one day, a teacher was showing me how to do something and got really frustrated with me because I couldn’t get what they were saying.


‘That made me feel upset and it knocked my self-esteem. Now I want to highlight what it means to have a learning disability.'


With Fixers, Chantelle has helped to create, and narrates, an animated film which explains learning difficulties and seeks to dispel some common misconceptions.


The film features some well known people, including Albert Einstein and Stephen Spielberg (both dyslexic) to make the point that a learning difficulty does not mean low intelligence. 


Watch Chantelle's Fixers film, 'What Are Learning Disabilities? 'at the top of this page.





‘It’s about showing others what a learning disability is and how it affects people. It doesn’t automatically mean you won’t do well in life or that you are not as clever as others,' Chantelle says.


Chantelle hopes to share the resource with teachers and students in local schools and colleges.


‘Some people may not be aware they have a learning disability, which is understandable. I hope my project can create a better understanding and encourage more support for those who need it.’


To see other resources on this issue, and watch more Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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