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Posted On: 5th Oct 2015

Love My Hair Fix On ITV

Fixer Onyi Ekebuisi
Onyi speaks with a group of women in the broadcast
Irene Shelley, Black Beauty and Hair Magazine

‘We should be free to express ourselves however we want with our hair – without being judged.’

Onyi Ekebuisi is concerned that people jump to conclusions about black women based on the way they wear their hair.

The 25-year-old from Stratford wants girls to feel confident in their choice of hairstyle, without worrying about what others may think.

Her story was broadcast on ITV News London on Tuesday 13th October.

‘My Fixers project is about trying to increase girls’ confidence in their hair and I think this is particularly important for black girls,’ explains Onyi.

‘A lot of false assumptions are made when people see different hairstyles.

‘If you’ve got braids or dreads, people assume that you may smoke weed or are more bohemian.

‘If you relax your hair people think that you’re trying to be someone you’re not.’




With Fixers, Onyi has helped create a flyer to celebrate different hair types.

She hopes to encourage others to feel proud of their appearance.

To take a look at the flyer or read more about Onyi’s resource, click on the image below.

In the broadcast, Onyi speaks to a group of women about their hair and the way they think their styles are perceived.

Irene Shelley, Editor at Black Beauty and Hair Magazine, also features in the TV film in support of the campaign.

‘I think black women are judged by the way they wear their hair more than any other race,’ she comments.

‘The project that Onyi is doing is very positive because it’s saying to young girls just do your own thing.’

Onyi adds: ‘When I was younger, I was quite happy with my hair, but when I got to secondary school I wanted to be like everyone else.

‘It wasn’t until university that I decided I wasn’t going to straighten my hair anymore.

‘Now I feel quite confident.’

To find more resources like Onyi's, or watch Fixers films, click on the image below.




Author: Cara Laithwaite


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