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Posted On: 2nd Oct 2015

Hair Happiness

Fixer Onyi Ekebuisi
Women gather for the Fixers photoshoot
An image from the flyer

Concerned that women can sometimes feel self-conscious about their natural hair, Onyi Ekebuisi is encouraging them to love their locks.

The 25-year-old from Newham in London wants others to embrace the look they were born with, even if they don’t see similar styles in the beauty industry.

‘All hair is beautiful, not just the hair types that you see in magazines,’ explains Onyi.

‘If I don’t have my hair in braids, then it is naturally an afro.

‘I’ve had negative comments from people saying my hairstyle is a mess which made me feel like I was less sophisticated and that my hair didn’t belong in places like work.

‘Speaking to others, this seems to be a recurring trend. A girl who had greying hair for instance thought that people would see her as unkempt or unhealthy if she didn’t dye it.

‘It’s because it doesn’t match what you see in the media.’

With Fixers, Onyi has helped create a flyer to highlight different hairstyles and encourage others to be proud of their appearance.

The double-sided print features eight women who discuss the reasons their hair makes them who they are and the obstacles they’ve faced overcoming certain stereotypes.

To take a closer look at Onyi’s Fixers flyer ‘Afro Styling’, click on the image below.


1021-ESC Afro Styling V03 (back RGB)



‘Everyone looks really good and it gets my message across,’ says Onyi.

‘It’s a lot easier to pick out your own ‘flaws’ but when you see them on others you realise they’re not flaws at all.'

Onyi wants to spread news of her campaign on social media to make a difference to young girls who are feeling insecure.

‘Wear your hair however you want as long as it makes you happy,’ she adds.

‘I’ve realised everyone has something to contribute and I’d love this conversation to continue.’

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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