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Posted On: 30th Oct 2015

Minding Mental Health

Fixer Megan
Megan and Andy
Mental health disorders listed in the leaflet

Megan Duffield is setting out to explain mental health problems to other young people, after facing her own struggles with anorexia.


The 17-year-old from Doncaster is concerned that young people can often bottle up their emotions because of the stigma and a lack of understanding.


‘Living with a mental health condition isn’t easy and it can be incredibly isolating for those affected,' says Megan.


‘What often makes things harder is people not quite understanding what the problem is, something which is quite common in school.


‘My aim is to educate others about what mental health is so they can better support those affected by it.'


Along with her friend, Andy McAteer and a group of young people, Megan helped to create a leaflet with Fixers which gives information about different mental health disorders, debunks popular myths and suggests how young people can help, and get help.


Click the image below to see the group's leaflet.



‘I think it’s great,’ says Megan. ‘The idea was to create something that explained the basics of mental health so people could understand more about it.


‘We hope the leaflet will enlighten people about things they didn’t know, but also allow them to offer guidance to other individuals.’


The group hope to share their resource with local schools and colleges.


‘We think it’s vital that young people know about these issues from an early age,' says Megan.


‘At the very least, we hope this project encourages more discussion on the topic, but the ultimate goal is to help others with mental health issues in their recovery.’


To see other resources on the topic of mental health, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: N. Farooq


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