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Posted On: 8th Jul 2015

Social Anxiety Fix On ITV

Fixer Savannah Lloyd
A scene from the Fixers film
Seran Davies, Changing Minds

‘It makes you feel quite isolated. I think it got worse for me because no-one recognised it and I felt I couldn’t tell anyone because I didn’t think they would understand.’

Diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, 18-year-old Savannah Lloyd wants to raise awareness of the condition, so that teachers know how they can help.

Her story was broadcast on ITV News Wales at Six on Thursday 9th July.

‘For me, social anxiety at its worst was not being able to talk in front of anyone except when I was at home,’ explains Savannah, who’s from Trinant in Caerphilly.

‘It affects every day of your life. It could even be difficult just getting on a bus because I was afraid of people.

'I couldn’t ask for help when I needed it.

'It is important for teachers to offer support because if you leave a problem untreated it can get worse.’

With Fixers, Savannah has helped create a film to offer insight into life with a mental health condition.

Combining live action and animation, it highlights the symptoms of social anxiety disorder and lets others with the illness know they are not alone.

Watch Savannah’s Fixers film ‘Anxiety & Me’ below.



Seran Davies, Changing Minds Project Manager at Newport Mind, supports Savannah’s campaign. She also appears in the broadcast piece.

‘I think what Savannah is doing is really important and it’s courageous of her to talk about social anxiety,’ she says.  

‘It’s something that teachers can feel unsure about but when you look at the statistics, up to five young people suffer anxiety in any given classroom.

‘They do need to start taking this condition seriously and understand how it will affect the young person’s ability to learn.’

You can watch Savannah’s TV film here at the top of this page.

This Fixers project is supported by Simplyhealth.

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Hannah also knows the impact of social anxiety disorder and wants to show
others living with the condition that help is at hand. Watch her Fixers film.

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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