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Posted On: 8th Jul 2015

Pole Position Story On ITV

Fixers Eryn and Aby (L-R)
Aby and Eryn's pole fitness class
Sam Kaye, Fitness Expert

'For an hour a week you spend time with a lovely group of people, laugh your head off and get fit without it seeming a chore.'

Determined to shed its sleazy stereotype, Aby Biles and Eryn Holding from Cumbria want to show that pole dancing can benefit body and mind.


Their story was broadcast on ITV News Lookaround on Thursday 9th July.


Twenty-two-year-old Aby from Ulverston and Eryn (24) from Kendal hope to be able to convince others of the merits of pole fitness, crediting it with improving their physical and mental well-being.   

‘In 2012 I had a bad car crash,’ explains Aby.

‘I had to get cut out of my car.

'People didn’t stop on the M6 for ten minutes so my self-worth and self-esteem was rock bottom.

‘I also went through a relationship breakdown, so I felt utterly rubbish.

‘Pole dancing has made me far more confident than I was. I would say it’s brought me out of my shell.’


With Fixers, the group has helped to produce a short film which aims to shed the activity’s sleazy stereotype and show how pole fitness can change lives.


Click below to watch:




Eryn adds: ‘I’ve only been doing this a few weeks, but I’ve learnt a lot.

‘Our Fixers project is to change perceptions of pole dancing and show how great it can be for your fitness and confidence.’

Fitness expert Sam Kaye also appears in the TV piece in support of Aby and Eryn’s campaign.

‘Pole dancing is a fantastic form of exercise,’ he says.

‘It’s great for your core and building your abdominal strength. It stabilises your spine, increases your flexibility and takes a lot of pressure off your joints as well.

‘You burn lots of calories and psychologically it gives you a massive boost.’

You can watch Aby and Eryn’s TV film here at the top of this page.

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Also keen to stamp out its seedy stereotype, Siobhan Brophy shows
how pole fitness helped her through tough times. Watch her broadcast film.  


Author: N. Farooq


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