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Posted On: 8th Jun 2015

Life As A Young Carer

Fixer Rebecca Coupland
A scene from the Fixers film
An actor plays the role of a young carer in the film

Knowing how difficult it can be to juggle their lives with looking after a loved one, Rebecca Coupland and her team are helping people appreciate what it means to be a young carer.

The group from Sheffield want to raise awareness of their responsibilities at home, highlighting some of the challenges they encounter.

‘Many young carers face a lot of pressure when trying to manage their family duties with other things in their lives,' explains 18-year-old Rebecca.

‘It can be a struggle at times, especially if you're at school. We want people to understand our situation, but also to show other young carers they’re not on their own.’

With Fixers, Rebecca and her team have helped produce a short film which features scenes set to a spoken word poem based on the experiences of young carers.

It highlights some of the hardships they can face when balancing commitments at home with other aspects of their life. 

‘The film is really well done,’ Rebecca says.

‘It gets the message across really well and shows what many people like me go through every day.’

Watch the Fixers film ‘Young Carers In Sheffield’ at the top of this page.

The group plan to share their film on social media and hope that by showing it to decision-makers, they can raise awareness of the role young carers play and ensure they get better support.

‘Unfortunately many people don’t know an awful lot about this issue,’ Rebecca adds.

‘Young carers often don’t even know they are young carers – so it’s crucial this campaign reaches those people too.

‘Education is the key.’

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Matthew Huggins and his team are educating teachers about
the role of young carers. Watch their Fixers film.

Author: N. Farooq


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