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Posted On: 13th May 2015

Online Isolation Fix On ITV

Fixer Craig Mohan
Craig highlights the dangers of excessive internet use
Dr Dan Laughey, Leeds Beckett University

‘Every waking moment of my life was dedicated to communicating with my friends online and I’d only break away for the necessities.’

Craig Mohan (19) from Middlesbrough says he used to have an internet addiction and is now sharing his experiences to warn others of the dangers of spending too much time online.  

His story was broadcast on ITV News Tyne Tees on Thursday 14th May.

In the TV story, Craig speaks with other young people about excessive internet use, showing them a film he’s created with the help of Fixers that depicts a girl obsessed with the online world.

‘I was completely immersed for the better part of a year,’ Craig explains.

‘A lot of people don’t see internet addiction as a real issue, but it can actually be quite destructive.

‘I came away from it all with quite severe anxiety and depression.

‘I had no idea how to communicate properly with people and I’d avoid social situations.

‘If even a single person who watched my video took my message away and helped themselves or helped someone else to kick the addiction, then I’d be very proud of myself for making a difference.’

Dr Dan Laughey, Media Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, also appears in the broadcast, in support of Craig’s campaign.

‘I think addiction is a major problem at the moment for lots of young people who feel that social media has to be a part of their lives,’ Dr Laughey says.

‘They’re likely to receive major health issues and a lack of focus on more productive forms of leisure.’

Watch Craig’s TV piece at the top of this page.

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Find out more about Craig’s campaign and watch his Fixers film.


Author: Cara Laithwaite


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