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Posted On: 7th Apr 2015

Special Work Needs Fix On UTV

Fixer Naomi Ferguson
Fixer Mark Forsythe
May McAvoy, Superstars

Naomi Ferguson from Cookstown in County Tyrone wants employers to give those with learning difficulties a fair chance.

Her story was broadcast on UTV Live on Sunday 19th April.

Naomi, who volunteers at a café that offers work experience to those with special needs, wants companies to provide similar employment opportunities. 

‘I’ve been volunteering at Superstars for about 7 years,’ explains 23-year-old Naomi.


‘I’ve seen the potential that these young people have and it would be good if others could see that as well.

‘Our Fixers project is to encourage local employers to give young people with learning disabilities the same chance as others to find employment.’ 

Naomi is working on a Fixers project with Mark Forsythe (20) who has a learning difficulty.

Along with the rest of their team, the pair have produced a short animation. 


You can watch the group's Fixers film 'Special Needs Cookstown' below.


‘The team at Fixers have helped me create a film to show employers that people with learning difficulties can do a great job,’ Mark says.

‘My message is that with the right help and support we can become excellent employees.’

May McAvoy, who owns Superstars, appears in the broadcast in support of the group’s campaign.

‘Naomi and Mark bringing this issue to attention is just fantastic,’ she comments.

‘I do believe that a lot of the businesses in the town would be sympathetic to this if they were approached and given the right support.’

Naomi adds: ‘It’s very positive that the local businesses we’ve spoken to have said that they’d be willing to employ some of our young people.

‘I’d now like to see them make that step and give them that opportunity.’ 

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