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Posted On: 23rd Mar 2015

Stop And Search Solutions

Fixer Sanya Rajpal
The film explains a person's rights during a stop and search
A group of young people appear in the Fixers film

By making sure that young people know their rights during a stop and search, Sanya Rajpal and her team hope to improve relations with the police.

The 20-year-old from Bristol feels that misunderstandings between officers and others her age can create animosity and hinder the progress of investigations.

‘Young people can sometimes find it uncomfortable being in a position where their space is being infringed upon when they have no way of controlling it,’ explains Sanya.

‘They don’t know what they can and can’t say or what they should be hearing. That's due to a lack of education.’

Stop and search gives police the power in specific circumstances to approach members of the public and examine certain personal possessions or request the removal of coats and jackets.

Sanya and her team are encouraging all officers to be clear about their intentions when targeting individuals.

‘The important thing to know is that when the police search young people they need to say why they’re being searched and what it’s for,’ Sanya says.

‘The young person can then understand the reason behind it.’

With Fixers, Sanya and her group have helped create a film to demonstrate what to expect during a stop and search.

It offers information including that officers can’t ask for shoes to be taken off in a public place, nor can they stop and search someone based on race, gender or religious beliefs.

You can watch Sanya and her team’s Fixers film 'Stop and Search' at the top of this page.  

Sanya adds: ‘What the police and young people want is not that different. It’s just a matter of communication.

‘There is no one who doesn’t deserve to know what their legal rights are.’

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Sanya’s also been spreading news of her campaign on TV.
Watch her broadcast story.

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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