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Posted On: 26th Feb 2015

The Feel Happy Fix Live

The Feel Happy Fix Live 2015
Young people attend a workshop in Belfast
Ideas are shared in Newcastle

With research showing that one in ten school children has a diagnosable mental health condition, Fixers from across the UK are kick-starting one of the most significant discussions on the topic among members of their generation.

More than two hundred 16 to 25-year-olds, many with personal experiences of mental ill health, have been gathering throughout February, to identify the biggest issues affecting young people’s happiness.

Beginning in Newcastle on Monday 2nd, regional workshops have been taking place at sixteen different locations as part of The Feel Happy Fix Live 2015, supported by Simplyhealth.

To hear from some of those who've been turning out to help fix mental health, click here.

The outcomes will feed into a larger event in London on Wednesday 11th March, where young people will discuss and propose practical solutions to make Britain happier.

Fixers who are already campaigning on mental health issues will be among those contributing to the events.

Twenty-year-old Danny Bowman attended the first of the regional workshops in Newcastle.

His campaign to raise awareness of body dysmorphic disorder is attracting attention around the world.

‘I think it makes a huge difference to have young people speak up about mental health, because it encourages others our age to talk about it,’ Danny says.  

‘Everyone’s coming together for a common cause and the event in London should be spectacular.

‘It’s great that Fixers are organising this and putting mental health on the agenda.’

Paula Duffy (25) from Newcastle, whose Fixers campaign is to raise awareness of anxiety issues, also attended the workshop.

‘I thought it was enlightening,’ she comments.

‘It’s quite a relief to know that there are others who are passionate about mental health and have the same understanding as I do.

'Young people need to be the ones talking about it - to convey the real message and explain what it is that they're going through.'

Young people and their supporters at the Newcastle workshop

Discussions will centre around mental health in six different settings, that each examine a different area of life experience – school, home, healthcare, media, work and play.

Specialists, practitioners and policy-makers will be given the chance to listen to young people’s perspectives, in the hope that this will influence their future work.

Speaking about the event’s potential impact, Fixers CEO Margo Horsley says: ‘With so many young people affected by mental health issues, Fixers has decided to do something about it.

‘It’s a subject that vast numbers of our 15,000 Fixers are passionate about, with lots of them already working on related campaigns.

‘The Feel Happy Fix is all about putting these issues in the spotlight.

‘As well as giving decision-makers and mental health practitioners invaluable access to the first-hand experiences of young people, it will also allow those aged 16 to 25 to help shape the policies that will affect them in the future.’

Danny Bowman adds: ‘I think there are many changes that will come about as a result of this.

‘The thing I would most like to see is it being talked about in Westminster. All parties should unite to deal with this issue responsibly.

‘Hopefully more funding can be provided for mental health services so young people don’t have to suffer in silence.’

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 Scroll down to see photos from the workshops held so far.

Fixer Danny Bowman at the workshop in Newcastle

Fixer Paula Duffy at the workshop in Newcastle

Young people share their personal experiences of mental health in Newcastle

A group put their ideas on paper in Newcastle

Caitlin, Michael and Billi offer their views at the Newcastle event


In Newcastle, Charlie explains why she's fixing young people's mental health



At the opposite end of the country, Fixers gather in Plymouth

Smaller group discussions take place at the workshop in Plymouth

Fixers in Birmingham share their motivations for fixing young people's mental health

A young person in Birmingham offers his thoughts

Author: Emily Tolloczko


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