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Posted On: 24th Feb 2015

Practising Positivity

Fixer Shannon Finan
Shannon shares her positive message in the Fixers film
Photos show Shannon's personal journey

Encouraging young people to love the way they look, Shannon Finan is promoting positive ideas of body image.

The 21-year-old from Coventry, who developed eating disorders as a result of low self-esteem but is now in recovery, wants to help others feel good about their appearance.

‘I want to inspire the next generation to think positively because I don’t think many people do,’ Shannon explains.

‘We compare ourselves to those we see on the streets, in the media, or on Instagram.

‘We’re always looking to be somebody else and I want people to accept themselves, their lives and their bodies.

‘I’ve experienced thinking I wasn’t good enough for myself or anybody else. I don’t want anyone to feel like I’ve felt in the past.’

Research shows that 83% of adults don’t feel confident about their bodies, which is something that Shannon would like to see change.

With Fixers, she’s helped create a film to tell her story and urge others to view themselves in a positive light.

By sharing her experiences she hopes to provide comfort to those facing similar challenges, encouraging them to stay strong.

Watch Shannon’s Fixers film ‘Positive People’ at the top of this page.

‘I was looking for perfect - like the people I saw in magazines,’ Shannon says.

‘But you can’t live up to that because it’s not real.

‘I had to train myself to think differently instead of always going to the negative.’

News of Shannon’s campaign has already reached thousands of people after she shared her story on TV. Now, she’s hoping even more will take notice, resulting in better support for young people battling eating disorders.

Shannon adds: ‘Since starting this campaign I’ve had lots of people message me to congratulate me or tell me I’ve helped them.  

‘I’m glad I pushed through with it. I wanted to use my story as an example, to talk about it and inspire others.'

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Hear more from Shannon. Watch her TV story.


Author: Cara Laithwaite


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