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Posted On: 5th Jan 2015

Pole Confidence Fix On ITV

Fixer Siobhan Brophy
Fixer Beth Smith
Vicky Gough, Youth Association South Yorkshire

Keen to stamp out its seedy stereotype, Siobhan Brophy, Beth Smith and their team from Sheffield want to highlight the benefits of pole fitness.

This story was broadcast on ITV News Calendar in January 2015.

Twenty-two-year-old Siobhan, who's experienced anxiety, says the hobby boosted her confidence. She now wants other young people to give it a go.

‘Many see pole fitness as something sleazy that you would do in a club, but it’s actually a really great workout,’ Siobhan explains in the broadcast.

‘It’s helped with my anxiety by allowing me to focus on achieving things, which I thought I couldn’t do. It works on your mind and body at the same time.’

In the TV film, Siobhan invites a group of young mums to see what pole fitness can offer them.

Vicky Gough from Youth Association South Yorkshire, also appears in the broadcast item.

She supports the group's campaign and explains the importance of leisure activities for young parents.

‘I think it’s hard enough being a teenager. If you throw pregnancy into the mix then they’ve got a whole new set of issues that they need to face,’ Vicky says.

'They need to come to terms with all the changes in their bodies and minds, so getting out and doing something physical can only benefit them.’

With Fixers, Siobhan, Beth and their team have also helped create a poster to highlight the positives of pole fitness.

It includes a comment from 21-year-old Beth Smith, who says the sport has changed her life for the better.

To enlarge the group's Fixers poster, click on the image below.

Beth adds: 'I joined pole because I wanted a fun way to keep fit and make new friends when I started university. 

'I became part of a tight-knit community where people are supported and encouraged in every class.

'It's given me a confidence in myself and my body that I never thought I would have, which is why I think everyone should give it a go.'

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Author: N. Farooq


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