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Posted On: 7th Nov 2014

Gloucestershire Youth Activities

Fixers James, Callum and Nathan (L-R)
The What Where When Gloucestershire homepage
Activities on the website are categorised by location

Convinced that more young people in Gloucestershire would participate in local activities if they just knew what was on offer, Callum Coles and his team are pointing them in the right direction.

The group want to motivate others their age to get involved and are aiming to make information on everything from sports teams to arts festivals easily accessible.

‘I think it’s important that all young people should take part in as much as possible, to give themselves the best start in life,’ explains Callum, 17, from Stroud.

‘We’ve been compiling lists of contacts for a variety of activities.’

With Fixers, Callum and teammates, James Bennion and Nathan Howarth, have helped create a website to function as a directory for things to do across Gloucestershire.

They hope that by categorising the activities by type and location, young people will be able to find something relevant and of interest.

‘I think the website is simple and easy to use, and we want to continue to add content,’ says Callum.

‘We hope that young people aged 11-18 will visit the website every time they want to find something to do.’

You can take a look at the group’s website ‘What Where When Gloucestershire’ by clicking on the image below.


The team describe the internet directory as a ‘one-stop site’ for enquiries, information and ideas about what’s going on in Gloucestershire.

On the homepage, they write that they want to help prevent young people from becoming bored and restless by encouraging them to join clubs, meet new people and get outside.

They now hope to promote and share the website on social media.

‘Our main goal is to increase youth participation in Gloucestershire,’ Callum adds.

‘Even if our website helps just a few, it will have been worth it.’

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