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Posted On: 4th Nov 2014

Parents in Prison Fix on ITV

Silhouettes of Fixers 'Emily' and 'Amy'
Actor in Fixers film
Debbie Hayes, Partners of Prisoners

Two young women from Cheshire are showing how having a parent in prison can affect loved ones on the outside.


Their story was broadcast on ITV Granada Reports on Wednesday 12th November.


Seventeen-year-old ‘Emily’ is supporting her friend ‘Amy’, whose father has served sentences since she was young.


Together the pair, whose real names have not been used, are campaigning to show others in similar situations that they’re not alone.


‘My dad has been in and out of prison most of my life - the longest he has been around is three months,’ explains Amy.


‘Many said I would turn out like him, which made me play up in school and do things I shouldn’t have been doing. 


‘I felt like I wasn’t important and always second best.’


Emily adds: ‘I wanted to do this project with Amy because she’s my best friend and I’ll always be here for her.


‘We’re working with Fixers to show the impact that time in prison has on the children who are left behind.’


The duo have helped to produce a short film, which follows the story of a young girl (played by an actor) whose dad is in jail.


Watch their Fixers film ‘My Own Prison’ by clicking play below.



In the broadcast item, the film is shown to an audience of ex-offenders, parents and people who work with the families of those in prison.


‘It took me away,' said one ex-offender after seeing the video. 'I felt for my children as I never realised what I did to them. I’ve learnt more than anything from that.’


Also featuring in the broadcast is Debbie Hayes, Operations Manager for Partners of Prisoners, who provides insight into the issue. 


‘Approximately 200,000 children are affected by parental imprisonment each year and that’s the equivalent of one in every class,' she explains.


'The devastation is absolutely massive on a child - similar to a bereavement. Not knowing whether their parents coming home, they’re very much left alone to deal with things.’


The Fixers hope by sharing their story and film, other young people going through similar struggles will feel less isolated.


Emily adds: ‘To know that we can make a big difference is life changing and makes us feel proud.’


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Author: N. Farooq


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