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Posted On: 29th Oct 2014

Being Clear on Cancer

Fixer Hayley Mills
Hayley's late friend Elise
Fixer Hayley

After losing her best friend to cancer, Hayley Mills from Leeds is urging young people to be proactive if they have concerns about their health.


The 25-year-old is encouraging others her age to become more vigilant when it comes to their bodies and aware of the potential symptoms of the disease, reducing the risk by getting checked early on.


‘Elise and I were the best of friends,’ explains Hayley.


‘She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 22 and sadly past away two and a half years later.


‘Although it’s difficult accepting she’s not around, I thought doing something positive was a good way of keeping her in my thoughts and making her proud.


‘It’s crucial that young people are clear on cancer because early diagnosis can be a lifesaver.’


With Fixers, Hayley and her team have helped produce a leaflet, urging young people concerned about cancer to get screened.


It outlines potential signs to look out for and urges young people to feel comfortable to talk about any worries they may have with loved-ones as well as medical professionals.


Click below to see the group’s leaflet.




‘I absolutely love the poster,’ Hayley adds.


‘We wanted to make something which was striking, but at the same time really informative for young people like myself.


‘It’s important that others know what to look for and get help at the earliest possible opportunity.’


Hayley and her team plan to distribute the leaflets around local schools, shopping centres and doctors’ surgeries.


They hope their campaign will give more people the confidence to visit their GP and not be afraid to ask questions about their health.    


‘When you’re young, you feel invincible and don’t think cancer will ever affect you,' says Hayley.


‘But the truth is, it can happen to anyone, any age, anywhere, which is why we want everyone to take it seriously.


‘I really hope this campaign is a success because I owe it to my friend.’


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Hayley's story was also featured on ITV News.
Click here to watch her broadcast.

Author: N. Farooq


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