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Posted On: 17th Oct 2014

Being A Teen Parent

Fixer Lauryn Breslan with her two children
Lauryn with her fiancé Dan Smith
Lauryn's Fixers flyer

After having her first child when she was 17, Lauryn Breslan from Newton Abbot in Devon is teaching teenagers about the realities of being a young parent.

Lauryn, who’s now 21, wants school pupils to realise that babies are not accessories to dress up and show off, but a real responsibility and commitment.

‘I had my daughter when I was in the middle of completing my AS Levels,’ explains Lauryn, who has two children.

‘I had no idea how hard it was going to be, as we hadn’t been told anything about what happens when you get pregnant.

‘I would like others to see that being a teen parent is not a way to get a free flat or benefits.

‘I want them to understand how life-changing and difficult it can be.’

With Fixers, Lauryn and her team have helped create a flyer to emphasise that being a young parent is a full-time job.

In the style of a classified ad, complete with job description, it informs teenagers that to have children means being on call 24 hours a day. The role is described as ‘not for the faint-hearted’.


Click on the images below to enlarge the pages of Lauryn's Fixers flyer.




‘I think the flyer is the perfect tool to show young people all aspects of being a teen parent,’ says Lauryn.

‘It highlights, in a visual way, some of the responsibilities you take on when you have a baby.’

Lauryn is running workshops in schools as part of her Fixers campaign, and now plans to distribute her flyers during these sessions.

‘I hope my project will encourage young people to think carefully about the choices they make once they are sexually active,' she adds.

‘They should be prepared for all possible outcomes and need to be completely informed about what to expect should they, or their partner, become pregnant.’


For more information and advice, visit the Get Connected website.

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Lauryn’s also experienced people shouting abuse at her in the street for
being a young mum. Click here to watch her tell her story on TV.  

Author: Emily Tolloczko


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