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Posted On: 6th Aug 2014

Tenants' Rights Fix On ITV

Fixer Upile Chasowa
Upile in his broadcast piece
Professor Sara Chandler, London South Bank University

Landlords that refuse to rent to tenants on benefits, because they think they will skip payments or wreck their properties are being challenged by Upile Chasowa.

His story was shown on ITV News London on Thursday 7th August.


Upile, who’s from Wood Green in North London, wants to tackle the prejudice that he feels can prevent people on low incomes from renting in the private sector.

The 23-year-old Fixer has experienced this first-hand.


When he was younger, his family struggled to make arrangements with private landlords after they found out his mum was receiving benefits.  

‘Living in council houses wasn’t the best thing for me,’ Upile explains.

‘I’m not saying it’s bad, but with private housing you can choose where you live.

'You have much more flexibility.’

With Fixers, Upile has helped to produce a booklet to offer information to tenants on low incomes.

It provides those looking for places to rent with money-saving tips, funding options and a guide to housing benefit.

To read Upile's Fixers booklet, 'Survival of a Tenant in the 21st Century', click on the image below.



Professor Sara Chandler
, who specialises in landlord and tenant law at London South Bank University, supports Upile’s campaign and appears in his TV broadcast.

‘Landlords' misconceptions really need myth-busting,’ she says.

‘Some think that people on housing benefit might trash their property, but nothing could be further from the truth.

‘They would like professionals but often that means they will only stay for a short time and every time the tenants change the landlord is going to be incurring expense.’

Upile adds: ‘My aim is to remove this perception around tenants on low income.

‘Eight months ago I set up my own online letting company. A lot of the tenants on benefits, when they got hold of the landlords, it was literally just a straight no.

‘Not all of them are bad tenants – look at me!’

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Author: Emily Tolloczko


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