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Posted On: 14th Jul 2014

Beating the Bullies

Fixer Iona Kelly
Actor playing victim in the film
Actor in the film

Understanding what it feels like to be picked on and tormented, Iona Kelly is urging bullies to think twice about their actions.


Often pushed around and taunted at school, the 17-year-old from Moray, Scotland is showing the impact that bullying can have on people’s lives.


‘It was really humiliating,’ explains Iona.


‘I would get harassed and often wonder what I had ever done to deserve it.


‘Even when I told them to stop, they would just laugh in my face and carry on.


‘These people need to change their ways and understand that what they do can leave lasting damage.’


With Fixers, Iona and her team have created a film showing how bullying can be more serious than people think.


The short piece emphasizes the emotional turmoil victims experience as a result of bullying and stresses how this can lead to grave consequences.


Watch their Fixers film ‘To Break a Soul’ at the top of this page.


‘We think the film is very powerful and highlights the message we were going for,’ Iona explains.


‘At times it was hard making it, because all those nightmarish memories came flooding back.


‘But knowing I could potentially stop this happening to others made me determined to see it through.


‘This is a serious issue among young people and we need to act together to see that it stops.’


Iona and the group plan to show the film in local schools, where they believe bullying is most common.


‘Raising as much awareness on the topic as possible is the key,' she adds.


‘School is where young people learn new things and discover who they are.


‘So showing a film like this to students will hopefully teach them right from wrong and how this kind of behaviour is never acceptable.’


If you are being bullied and need help, visit the ChildLine website or call 0800 1111 free of charge.


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Author: N. Farooq


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