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Posted On: 21st May 2014

Managing Multiple Lives

Fixer Skye Woolcott
Scene from film
Actor playing the part of a young carer in film

Knowing how tough it can be to look after a sick or disabled loved one, Skye Woolcott and her team want more people to recognise the crucial work young carers do.


The 17-year-old from Glasgow cares for her mum, who suffers from severe back pain, and her brother, who has autism.


Campaigning for greater understanding, Skye and her team want others to realise that looking after a relative can be extremely demanding – both physically and emotionally – for a young person.


‘I just get on with it because it's my family and they would do the same. But some people think what we do is easy,’ explains Skye.


‘They don’t understand that it can be a 24-hour job.


‘Even when I’m not at home, I’m still thinking about them.


‘I plan to study away at some point but it’s quite hard to set career goals, because you have to factor in your duties at home.


‘If more people knew the challenges we face, it might be easier for others in our shoes.’


With Fixers, Skye and her team have created a film providing a candid look into their lives as young carers.


It aims to educate people about the responsibilities they have at home and how it impacts other aspects of their lives.


Watch the group's film 'The Separate Lives of Young Carers' at the top of this page.


Skye adds: ‘The idea was to show real stories from young people who all know what it’s like to care for a loved one.


‘The film is not to complain about our situation. It’s about letting people know our struggles so others with similar experiences can get greater support.’


The group want to share their film in schools to help teachers spot young carers and also to let those looking after a family member know they’re not alone.


‘It’s crucial that we raise awareness and educate wherever possible so young carers aren’t left in the dark,’ says Skye.


‘We’ve all had to grow up quickly, but sometimes it’s nice to think someone is there for us as well.’



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Author: N. Farooq


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