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Posted On: 5th Nov 2013

Asperger's Fix on ITV

Fixer Jade Foster
Jade training to be a hairdresser
Tom Madders from Autism UK

A Fixer from Carlisle with Asperger’s syndrome, who was bullied and spat on during her school years, wants to use education to fight prejudice against people with the condition.


Her story was shown on ITV News Lookaround on Wednesday 13th November.


Jade Foster (24) wants her Fixers campaign to help parents, teachers and carers identify the signs of the disorder sooner.


She says her school first identified a problem with her development at the age of 11, but was only properly diagnosed two years ago.  


Jade feels people’s lack of awareness of Asperger’s led her to become the target of bullying.


‘There was one incident where I got physically beaten up at a train station,' Jade explains.


‘You know when it suddenly goes dark on a scary film? Well, it felt like that with the children. It felt like I was in a dark area.


‘The message behind this project is don’t treat people with Asperger’s any differently to anybody else.’


Tom Madders from Autism UK, features in the broadcast piece to offer more information about the disorder.


‘Autism is a lifelong, disabling condition which affects someone’s ability to understand and interact with the world around them,’ explains Tom.


‘People with Asperger’s have a normal or above average IQ, and therefore their difficulties are not in terms of intelligence, they’re in terms of how they interact with and communicate with the world around them.'


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 about Asperger's syndrome. Click the image below.





Author: N. Farooq


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