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Posted On: 11th Jul 2013

Surviving Unemployment

Fixers Sian, Stan and Jodie
Fellow Fixer Matthew Turner
Fixers Jodie, Matthew, and Sian

A group of Fixers are using a short documentary to highlight the financial struggles unemployed people face, and to encourage greater support for job-seeking youth.


The group, from Swansea, are all currently unemployed and receive Jobseekers’ Allowance, but believe the money they receive is barely enough to survive.


Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) is awarded to people who are seeking employment. The amount you receive depends on your age and circumstance, but the basic rate is £56.80 a week for people aged 16-24.


Lead Fixer Stan Foskett (22) thinks many people struggle on this basic allowance, and that there is not enough financial or emotional support to teach young people how to cope with unemployment.


‘Unemployed people are not really living –we are just surviving the best way we can,’ says Stan.


‘We are trying so hard to find work, but the lack of money reduces our opportunities to afford job searches online, or to travel to the possible place of employment.


‘The reason many unemployed people do volunteering is because it’s the only access to work we have, and the food and drink which is often provided means we can budget a little better at home.’


Government rules stipulate any paid work must be under 16 hours a week to continue to receive benefits. However you can volunteer as much as you want.


Their short day-in-the-life documentary will look at how people live on benefits to encourage greater support for unemployed young people.


Fixer Jodie Stuart (18) works at Swansea Market, but it does not pay enough for her to live on her own.


‘I receive a ‘top-up’ from JSA to compensate the difference between my work and receiving full JSA,’ she says.


‘I think we would all love to work more but there just does not seem to be any jobs out there for young people.’


Stan adds: ‘We are doing all we can do to search for work, and to have a fulfilling life. I hope our documentary will make people aware of the extra help we need, and will stop judgemental attitudes towards people on benefits.’


Find out more about finding a job and unemployment by clicking this link.

Author: Ashley Scrace


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