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Posted On: 24th Jun 2013

Getting Back Into Sport

Fixer Rachel ready to kick a Rugby ball
Rachel (left) and Charlotte (right) ready to run
The team of cheerleaders from Rachel's squad

Two cheerleading Fixers, passionate about getting girls into sport, are using a poster campaign to encourage young people to explore the activities that are available in their area.


Fixers Rachel Blatch (25) and Charlotte Jenner (18) feature in the posters wearing various workplace uniforms while taking part in a sport.


The campaign aims to show that just because you may be at work and school all day, it does not mean you cannot use your free time to keep fit and participate in some form of athletics.


‘It’s sometimes not easy to fit in with certain situations in life, but there is a sport for everyone,’ says Rachel.


‘Sport has so many benefits which go beyond just the fitness aspect. You get to meet new people, make new friends, and learn things like discipline and teamwork which are skills that can be used anywhere else.’


Rachel and Charlotte, from Southend, were inspired to work with Fixers due to concerns they had about the lack of encouragement given to girls to get into sport. (Read their story here).


Rachel, who leads her own cheerleading squad, hopes the posters will show girls that sport is not just a male pastime.


‘I am pleased with our poster campaign, and I think it shows people in a really effective way that you can fit sport in around your life, regardless of what you do.


‘I think this campaign will especially help young women, who perhaps played sport at school, realise that they can get back into sport again, and that they should not be put off sport by embarrassment or by the male domination of some sports.’


Rachel hopes to approach schools and clubs in her area to use the range of posters.


You can view the posters below. Click this link to download the full range.











Author: Ashley Scrace


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