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Posted On: 28th May 2013

Eating Disorders Education

The group of Fixers
Eating Disorders Education

A group of girls from Newcastle, who’ve all battled with eating disorders, are designing a resource which will help teachers educate students about the dangers of such conditions.


Lead Fixer Jane O'Mahoney and her group want to create a downloadable presentation that teachers can show sixth form students to raise awareness about eating disorders.


The group want to highlight it’s not just thin girls who suffer from these conditions and that it can affect anyone.


'We are hoping to challenge the stereotype that eating disorders only affect young girls who want to lose weight to look like celebrities in the magazines,' explains Jane.


Jane (22) has been affected by anorexia and bulimia over the past seven years.


'I was angry with food, as ridiculous as that sounds,’ she explains. ‘Because I didn’t want to eat it, I would binge on it. That was the worst part of it for me, the binge eating. You would just hate yourself.'


Jane believes taking something into schools, where she feels not enough is done to combat eating disorders, would be ideal in making a change. She thinks teachers should lead the way in raising awareness about such conditions and hopes the Fixers project will help inform young people about the risks.


The presentation will include surveys, real life cases and advice to educate students about eating disorders.


Fellow Fixer Erin Ruddick (22) also feels the Fixers project could help others better recognise the warning signs.


'I believe many people suffer but are too scared to come forward, but if the condition was identified in individuals earlier, it would be easier to treat,' says Erin.


‘We need to create something to show how serious the issue is. One thing I would say is that it does get better with help.'


The presentation is set to be complete by the end of June and will be available for download from the Fixers website.

Author: N. Farooq


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