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Posted On: 15th May 2013

Awareness of Personality Disorder

Fixer Steph McCrudden
Steph after a meeting with Fixers

A young woman, who has a rare personality disorder which causes depression, low confidence, and lack of emotional control, is creating a web-based booklet to help other young people to identify the symptoms.


Fixer Steph McCrudden (21) has a condition called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), which affects around 1% of people in the UK


Steph, from Burnham-On-Sea, was only diagnosed with the condition in recent years, but has always suffered from mood swings and has had trouble forming social relationships.


Her mother began to take notice of these emotional struggles when Steph was 11 years old.


Yet despite regular doctor visits, it was assumed puberty was the cause of these emotional struggles.


In order to raise the profile of her condition, Steph is creating an online e-booklet for young people who think they may have the disorder, or know someone who does.


‘A lot of people, young and old, have no idea this condition even exists,’ says Steph. ‘So how can they possibly identify if they have the symptoms?


‘There are so many mood swings – you can be depressed one minute, happy the next, and then angry all of a sudden. It can be hard to understand.’


Steph, who currently has a placement in care work, says she has been lucky because of her supportive family, but others with the condition are misunderstood because of it.


‘Through my e-booklet I hope that my story will encourage others to seek help if they think they have the disorder, and encourage those with the condition to share their stories and support one another.’


Steph’s booklet is currently in production.


Author: Ashley Scrace


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