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Lorna Garner, Beat

Lorna Garner, Chief Operating Officer at Beat

Lorna Garner is Chief Operating Officer at Beat, the UK’s leading charity supporting anyone affected by eating disorders or difficulties with food, weight and shape.

Beat recently marked its 25th anniversary and remains committed to supporting those affected by eating disorders and working towards their vision – that the conditions will be beaten.

Among its activities, the organisation provides guidance through helplines and its website, offers expert training, encourages research, and campaigns for better services and access to treatment.


Please describe your charity.

What is the typical profile of someone using your services?

Why do you think this trend is happening?

Who do you think needs more information?

What should be done to improve care?

Who do you help, and how?

What proportion of people have an eating disorder?

What can society do to tackle eating disorders?

What do you think about public debate on eating disorders?

What is the biggest problem for health services?

Why is your charity necessary?

What trends are you seeing in the prevalence of eating disorders?

What do you think about public information on eating disorders?

What do you think about the care available for eating disorders?

What do you see as the biggest problem[s] for someone who has an eating disorder?


If you could have anything to help your work, what would it be?

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