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Jordan Caldwell

‘I refused to eat or drink anything. I didn’t even brush my teeth because I thought there were calories in the toothpaste. The anorexia was like someone else was in control of my body.’

Jordan Caldwell from Carnmoney began his battle with anorexia at the age of 12. Now in recovery, he wants to encourage others not to lose faith as they can get better.

Scroll down to watch Jordan interview his family, as he finds out how his eating disorder affected those close to him.

‘If anorexia was a person, I’d be in jail, because I’d kill it if I could.’

Siobhan Caldwell, Jordan’s Mum

When Jordan Caldwell started to change around the age of 12, his mum, Siobhan, never expected it to be anything as severe as anorexia. But as time went on and the Jordan that she knew began to slip away, she was left to confront her worst nightmare. She felt devastated, terrified and completely powerless as she put her life on hold to support Jordan on his road to recovery. In this honest and emotional interview, she explains the impact anorexia had on her family and suggests that it can be a great comfort to hear from others with similar experiences. Click play on the right to watch the interview.

‘You want your brother or sister to be okay and for everything to be good, but obviously life isn’t like that.’

Jessica Caldwell, Jordan's Sister

Jordan’s younger sister, Jessica, says remembering a time before he was ill is a bit of a blur. She was still at primary school when Jordan was admitted to hospital and she wrote him letters and cards to show her support. Jessica recalls being worried that her brother wouldn’t get better, or that their relationship would change as a result of his illness, but says they’re now closer than ever. In this interview she speaks about how proud she is of Jordan’s recovery and stresses how important it is for others in her shoes to find someone to talk to. Click play on the left to watch the interview.

‘We all had to live our lives but that’s the thing about anorexia, it doesn’t let you. It tries to stop you from living your life and those people around you as well.’

Lauren McGrath, Jordan's Cousin

For Jordan’s cousin, Lauren, it was a relief when he was finally diagnosed with anorexia, because she knew he’d start to get the help he needed.  Determined to stay strong in front of Jordan, she refused to let the illness win and continued to do her best to support him, even when she was away at university in England. In this interview she describes the heart-wrenching moment she received a call to say Jordan had experienced a seizure and recalls the helplessness of not knowing what each day would bring. She also encourages others in her situation to be pro-active and not be afraid to talk. Click play on the right to watch the interview.

‘Anorexia is part of Jordan’s history, but it doesn’t need to be part of his future.’

Ben Mudge, Family Friend and Jordan’s Personal Trainer

Family friend and personal trainer, Ben, has helped Jordan focus his energies on a healthy fitness regime but says that when he first visited him at home, it was like speaking to a robot. He recalls showing Jordan how to do his exercises correctly and noticing a mark in the carpet, where he’d been doing sit-ups furiously. Ben adopted a no-nonsense approach knowing that Jordan considered him a role model. In this interview, Ben describes his time with Jordan as rewarding and an honour, saying it’s been incredible to watch him become the person he is today. He also urges others, who find themselves in his position, to seek help from someone with the right qualifications. Click play on the left to watch the interview.


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