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Sam T

Sam T

Name: Sam Trumpeter
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Crawley, West Sussex
Campaign: To stop people using the word ‘gay’ as a negative term

Too many people use the word ‘gay’ to describe something negatively – for example a person or situation they don’t like.

But this doesn’t make sense, because although there are different definitions of the term, it’s not intended to be used in this way.

My team and I feel that misusing the word ‘gay’ is a common form of homophobia that needs to be addressed.

Even if a person doesn’t mean to cause offence, we think everyone ought to choose their words carefully.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


James Mochler Precious Otor Shannon Aiken
Kelsey Walkes Ciaran Barron Imzy Khan
Tumsil Abbas Maria Melis Doron Mazor
Michael Hobbs Andrew Sparrow Tom Perrott
Nadine Smith Callum Kewley Erin Kelly


Alex Newton supported my project by providing an interview for the ITV News broadcast.


Crawley Young Persons Council
Vikki Fold, Community Development Officer at Crawley Borough Council, has supported our Fix. She looks after the youth council and has worked with Fixers to help us coordinate our project.


Thomas Bennett Youth Wing
The team at the Thomas Bennett Youth Wing have backed our project.


Thank you also to the following people for helping with our Fix:


Niroshan Ganeshan 
Simon Perrott
Daniel Perrott
Miriana Colletti
Ryan Folan
Olivia Jefferies
Guishan Akhtar

July 2014
On Friday 18th July we delivered five workshops to a total of 68 pupils in years 7 to 10 at Thomas Bennett Community College’s Unique Day.


We showed our Fixers film and spoke to the students about how they use the word ‘gay’. They were very receptive and joined in with all our activities.


We then asked participants to either pledge to make a difference going forward or to tell us what they had learnt from the workshops.


We received the following feedback:          


‘I’m not going to let people go around thinking they can use gay in a negative way.’


‘I’ve learnt that you should be more careful about what you say.'


‘People have different opinions on how to use the word gay. It is used offensively a lot of the time.’


The Fixers are presented with certificates as they complete their project


The Fixers leading workshops at Thomas Bennett Community College in Crawley



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