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Name: Lewis Beeston
Age: 17
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: North Wingate, County Durham
Campaign: To raise awareness of autism

I have autism and I’m not sure if people always understand exactly what it is.

In some cases, they may mistake signs of autism for bad behaviour, which can be frustrating.

With Fixers, I’m creating an ‘A-Z of Autism’ book, to introduce people to the different aspects of autism in alphabetical order.

I hope that as well as improving people's understanding, it will also encourage them to take the time to find out more about the condition.

Here are a list of people helping me with my Fix:


Sean Butcher

Adam Pentz

Lauren Stephens

Carl Livington

North East Autism Society

The Society has supported our Fix by providing us with information to be included in our 'A-Z of Autism' booklet.


Scott James, Singer

Scott James supports our Fix. He appeared in my broadcast piece.

January 2016

I launched my resource from a stall at a school nurses conference on Young People's Mental Health Awareness Day.


Attendees included healthcare professionals, school nurses, researchers, lecturers and students. Also in attendance were Senior Lecturers from The Department of Public Health and Wellbeing and Newcastle Public Health Commissioners.


I received great feedback and all of the books were taken to be used in schools, clinics and offices with many people asking for more!


You can read some of the fantastic comments I have received overall about my campaign and photos of the event below.


'This is absolutely fantastic work Lewis. I'll definitely be sharing this around my friends in the North East.'


'Massive well done Lewis! What an inspiration you are!.'


'I'm glad there is a service out there to help people who find it difficult to speak up. Having autism is difficult to live with. I'm glad that Lewis had the courage to go on national television. Thank you from someone who has this difficulty.'


'Great resource. Well done. It's fantastic that you have managed to fit so much in this book. It covers so many aspects all in one place.'


'An excellent resource for the clinic. Well done.'


'Wow. What an excellent resource for school nursing.'


'This is a very bright and informative book for young people and all staff around autism.'


'Congratulations! I will have to get a copy.'




September 2013

My campaign was featured in the Northern Echo. Click here to read the full article.


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