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Name: Lee Graham
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Newtownabbey, County Antrim
Campaign: Rewear Schoolwear

Buying new school uniforms every year can get pretty expensive. So, we thought it was a great idea to create something in our school which will encourage people to hand in their old uniforms so that other people can benefit.


Our goal for the “Rewear Schoolwear” campaign, which was conceived by a group of Year 11 students at our school, is to promote change and give hope to a lot of people.


Some pupils are bullied at school because of the state of their uniform, as everyone cannot afford a new one.


Our Fix is about establishing a programme within the school where pupils can hand-in/exchange items of school uniforms and sports kits that no longer fit them but are still in reasonable condition.


We not only want to look out for the students, but it's also important to get the most use out of school clothes. It can get very expensive having to buy new clothes every year.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix:


Emily Houston

Gillian Ferguson

Jessica Henry

Jonathan Smith

Jordan Craig

Mark Gibson

Paul Varghese

Sara Strain

Courtney Kirker

A special thank you to Monkstown Community School for their support of our Fixers campaign.

October 2013

After hearing about the campaign, here's what people have said about my project:


David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools:

'I am very interested in the scheme you have in place for keeping the costs of school uniform low. I would encourage you to promote the Rewear Schoolwear project to schools and parents in your local area. Thank you for writing to me on this important issue. I wish you every success with the Rewear Schoolwear Project.'


Dave Linton, Youth Worker and Former Pupil of Monkstown Community School:

'There is no better time for a project like this where young people can get expensive school uniform that is in good condition even when they can't afford it.  Every young person deserves this opportunity.'


James McAuley, Former Pupil of Monkstown Community School:

'I think Rewear Schoolwear is a great idea, particularly now as money is tight for many people. As a former pupil of Monkstown Community School myself, I just wish it had been about when I was at the school. I definitely would have handed stuff in and made use of it myself to get bits and pieces of uniform.'


Carol Hamilton, Caretaker, Monkstown Community School: 

'Rewear Schoolwear is a great idea. It helps cut the cost of school uniforms at a time when money is tight. It also teaches the young people involved things like social responsibility. For everyone involved it's a great way of building the community.' 


Ross, Pupil:

'Rewear Schoolwear is a brilliant idea. Hopefully it takes off in Monkstown and more schools might do it too.'

Jack, Pupil:
'This is another brilliant resource from Fixers, just like the Road Safety pledge. I hope it'll help get Rewear Schoolwear established.


April 2013

Myself and my fellow Fixers were delighted to attend the Fixers Northern Ireland Launch in Stormont where we met a variety of other Fixers and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) 


From left to right: Emily Houston, Brittany Cooper, Jamie Barrott, Courtney Kirker, and myself




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