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Fern Lulham

Fern Lulham

Name: Fern Lulham
Age: 26
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Hastings, East Sussex
Campaign: To encourage people to use positive thinking to change their lives for the better

I was born with a condition called aniridia, a condition which affects the eye’s irises, and was later registered blind at the age of 23.


It was hard for me to do things physically but that was nothing compared to the way that it affected me emotionally; it was a very scary time.


Then I started to think about how sometimes you see things have nothing to do with your eyesight at all and in fact it can be more about how you’re looking at life – your perspective on things.


I made a film with Fixers because I thought it was a way to get my message out there for more people to hear and to hopefully encourage someone else who might be going through the same thing.


Even if I just encourage one that the way they look at their lives can change everything then it will be worth it.

The following Fixers helped me with this Fix: 


Jasmine L Goodrum

Eloise Sears 

Matthew Dillon

Abi White

Charlotte Meugens


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Fixer hero

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